Best dating sites to meet Russian women

Russian women are known to be very beautiful. Their allure captures many hearts, whether the men are Russian as well or from another country. Beauty is not the only thing that drives men from all over the world to meet a Russian woman. These women are known to be cheerful, fiercely loyal to their partners, and know how to take care of the home. When you have a Russian girlfriend, you will be blessed with a fun-loving, great friend too. Online dating is the fastest way that you find a Russian girl, but be wary of the dating sites that you visit. Choose only the best reliable dating sites and apps in order to meet the Russian girl of your dreams.

Run and operated by CupidMedia, the RussianCupid site is one the legitimate dating sites that is the channel for Western men to meet Russian women. There are more than 1.5 million members in this famous site, so your chance of meeting the right Russian girl for you is quite high. You can sign up for free, but the premium membership allows you to access intimate details like the measurement of the hip, bust, and waistline. You can use your computer or download the dating app.

Elena’s Models

Elena’s models have over 2 million members, and so you get a higher chance of finding the love of your life. The free membership in this site will allow you free access for only a month, and after that you can sign up for their membership plans. The great thing about Elena’s Models is you get to have outside contact with the Russian girls once they choose to provide you with their personal information like their email or phone number. You can either visit the site online or download the app.

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Pros and Cons of having sex with Russian Women

Russian women are exceptionally beautiful creatures who have huge hearts that they are ready to give to their chosen men. But how are Russian women when it comes to sex? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the sex when you do it with a Russian girl.

Love, love, love

Love is what envelops a Russian woman and it is the main reason why they will have sex with their partners. If you happen to be not a Russian male, you have the advantage of having a sensual activity in bed with a loving Russian girl, as she will shower you with all her love conveyed in her passion in bed. Though that is a good thing, it could turn into the negative side when all she ever wants to do is gentle and passionate love making, but will likely refuse your need for primal, wanton sex that is devoid of any emotion.

Bottom part

Russian women are said to be passive in bed. You need to be constantly in control, be the man on top, and drive the sex to higher levels. Though you may feel masculine and powerful when you are always the one in control, as time flies, being in control will inevitable becomes boring and routine. You need to be very vocal about what you want, regarding what you want her to do to you, so she will act to pleasure you. It is no secret that men wants to be overpowered by women in bed, that they like their girls adventurous and stay on top of their men. But Russian women are just not born that way, and so you need to be very patient in teaching your Russian girl the ways of pleasuring you in bed and the art of taking ultimate control.

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What’s the difference between erotica and porn?

When we hear the words erotica and porn, the first thing that comes to mind is sex. More often than not, erotica and porn are associated with each other, and topics about each one seem to have the same meaning. But the fact is, erotica and porn are two different things, though there is a thin line between the two. Erotica can be associated with porn in the pornographic film industry, but pornography will never be turned into erotica. It is imperative to know the distinction between the two, and learn the fine line that distinguishes one from the other.


Erotica is art that is all about the subject portrayed in a sensual manner for the purpose of stimulating the sexual arousal of the audience. It has substance, a sexual interpretation that tells a story behind the vision. Erotica can be found in the form of sculpture, painting, music, film, and drama. The person behind any erotic presentation focuses on the subject, on the beauty that the art master can see beyond the obvious attractive body. Erotica is an expression of the inner desires, and when viewed, it wakes the deepest desires and arouses more than the body, but also moves the mind.


Porn is the representation of sexual act with the sole purpose of arousing the body to engage in sexual act, whether with a partner or through masturbation. The pornography industry extends to magazines, books, sculpture, painting, postcards, sound recording, films, phone calls, photographs, animation, drawing, video, writing, and video games. Porn is all about the sexual act, the explicit display of sexuality, and the gratification of the physical aspect, without leaving much room for artistic conveyance. Though porn is a form of art, the lack of emotions in pornography greatly differs from erotica in general.

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