Pros and Cons of having sex with Russian Women

Russian women are exceptionally beautiful creatures who have huge hearts that they are ready to give to their chosen men. But how are Russian women when it comes to sex? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the sex when you do it with a Russian girl.

Love, love, love

Love is what envelops a Russian woman and it is the main reason why they will have sex with their partners. If you happen to be not a Russian male, you have the advantage of having a sensual activity in bed with a loving Russian girl, as she will shower you with all her love conveyed in her passion in bed. Though that is a good thing, it could turn into the negative side when all she ever wants to do is gentle and passionate love making, but will likely refuse your need for primal, wanton sex that is devoid of any emotion.

Bottom part

Russian women are said to be passive in bed. You need to be constantly in control, be the man on top, and drive the sex to higher levels. Though you may feel masculine and powerful when you are always the one in control, as time flies, being in control will inevitable becomes boring and routine. You need to be very vocal about what you want, regarding what you want her to do to you, so she will act to pleasure you. It is no secret that men wants to be overpowered by women in bed, that they like their girls adventurous and stay on top of their men. But Russian women are just not born that way, and so you need to be very patient in teaching your Russian girl the ways of pleasuring you in bed and the art of taking ultimate control.

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